• Tucasi

My Moulton story is quite different from everyone else’s. Unlike most of my sixth form friends, I joined Moulton from a small all-girls school. The thought of joining another school and having to deal with a new challenge: the opposite sex, was pretty daunting. As soon as I walked through the doors however, I was welcomed, comfortable and I, completely unsarcastically, felt at home. I quickly found a wonderful and large friendship group, many of whom I am still close to. Genuinely, because of them, the two years spent at Moulton were the happiest years of my life, so far.


Not only did I feel welcome and happy at Moulton, but whilst studying Economics, Geography and Maths, I received so much support from staff, to get me to my goal of going to a Scottish University. Despite getting consistently top grades throughout my sixth form journey, my A level results were a shock. I missed all my grades, except my A in Maths. Luckily, I still did well enough to get into my second choice university, Glasgow; however, the disappointment I felt that day makes it one of the worst days ever. In reflection, missing those grades was actually one of the best things that has ever happened to me (other than deciding to go to Moulton in the first place).


Glasgow, where I study Geography and Politics MA, is the most incredible university, which could not have suited me more. I adore living in the city and I am privileged to be completely in love with my course. At the end of second year, I still have 2 years to go. I am hopefully studying at Stockholm University from September on Erasmus Exchange. I currently have my sights set on a career in urban planning; using the university’s help to get an internship with Glasgow City Council, to manage a project in the regeneration department.


I can’t wait to see what my future holds and so much of my ambition, drive and belief in myself has
come from the time I thrived and achieved at Moulton.