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Curriculum Statement

School Aims

As a school community, we have set the following aims:


We strive to be a school in which 

 And in which every individual


School Curriculum Intent

As a school we aim to


Curriculum Implementation

We support students to ensure all have access to a fair and ambitious curriculum

 We want to ensure that all students are exposed to the critical experiences or cultural capital required to succeed after they leave school:

We are committed to delivering a broad curriculum to all students


We have a 2 year KS3 and 3 year KS4. The main reasons for offering this is to….

We have a commitment to the E-Bacc.

We continue to offer a broad range of subjects.

We sequence the curriculum so that knowledge and skills are built on in a logical manner and that teaching is consistently good or outstanding.

How we ensure that students are accurately assessed and that students are supported to achieve age related standards.


The Subjects offered at Moulton School 2019-20

All students in KS3 and 4 are divided into

KS3 - Years (7 and 8)


Students at Moulton School follow a wide a range of subjects, which provides a sound academic foundation for future success.

The subjects taught at KS3 (years 7 and 8) are (including lessons per fortnight);

KS4 - Years (9, 10 and 11)


We run a 3 year KS4 for the reasons stated in the main document above. The subjects taught at KS4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) are (including lessons per fortnight);

Option subjects chosen by the students (4 subjects of 5 lessons);

Personal Development; this is taught through a 45 minute PSHE lesson once a fortnight on Tuesday mornings. On the alternative weeks students study Ethics which covers the compulsory components of Religious Education as advised by the DFE as well as encouraging student to consider the impact of their choices on others and the environment.


KS5 - Years (12 and 13)


We are proud of the high levels of achievement our students achieve and that the majority of students progress into Higher Education.

The subjects taught at KS5 (Years 12 and 13) are

(all subjects are 9 lessons plus 1 supervised study period per fortnight unless small group sizes: presently French, Spanish and Drama)