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Drama Extra Curricular

Drama Extra Curricular Activities


Extra-Curricular activities within the Drama Department serve to promote opportunity and celebrate achievement and excellence!  

We are very proud of the talent we have at Moulton School, in all areas of the subject, and love to see it nurture and grow.


School Production – The Sound of Music


Each year the Drama Department collaborates with the Music Department to create a whole school musical production.  This is performed during the first week of February.  Pupils from all year groups are invited to audition during the second week of September.  Rehearsals generally take place on a Monday afterschool (with a couple of exceptions on a Tuesday – and extra rehearsals in the final 2 weeks.) A full rehearsal schedule is given out at the beginning of the process.

Aside from performing roles, the school production provides opportunities for pupils to get involved with: design, publicity and backstage.  Further details can be obtained from the Drama Department.


Year 7 and 8 Drama Club


From Easter, we run a Drama Club for Year 7 and 8.  The Drama Club runs after school on Mondays.  The purpose of the club is to develop involvement, confidence and performing skills.  The Club culminates in a performance, or two, during the final week of the school year.


Extra Rehearsals


The Drama Department offers a booking system for pupils to use the space, and benefit from extra coaching, at lunchtimes and after school.  Usually this is to support a project that pupils are working on during class time.  Further details can be obtained from the Drama Department.


School Trips


The Drama Department loves to give pupils the opportunity to develop their experience of live theatre.  Trips will be run throughout the year.