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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care at Moulton gives learners the opportunity to develop sector specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. Our qualifications will help learners develop their research skills and support them in deciding if the Health & Social Care sector is for them.



From year 9-11 students receive 5 lessons per fortnight, normally with 1 teacher. The specification we study is the PEARSON BTEC Level 1/ 2 Tech Award in Health and Social Care.

Year 9 is an introductory short course to introduce students to a range of topics within health and social care and to assist them to develop the skills required to be successful on the course.  


The topics students covered in Year 9 include:

After Easter in Year 9 students will begin learning the specific content for the BTEC Tech Award starting with Unit 1. From this point onwards students will be covering content to be used in their coursework which must be done individually and within a specific time period.


The BTEC Tech Award is divided into three components, component one and two are internally assessed through coursework and component three is an external assessment set by BTEC to be completed under timed exam conditions.


The internal assessments focus on:

There is one external assessment, Component 3, which provides the main synoptic assessment for the qualification. Component 3 builds directly on Components one and two and enables learning to be brought together and related to a real-life situation. Component 3: Health and Wellbeing requires learners to assess an individual’s health and wellbeing and create a health and wellbeing improvement plan.


Y13 Northampton Hospital


Year 13 trip to Northampton Hospital, October 2018