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Parental Engagement with Go 4 Schools





Go 4 Schools provides parents online access to information about their children's education. Parents can access live data on assessment, attendance, homework and behaviour information as well as their child's timetable and progress reports. They have everything they need in one place and, crucially, what they see is in step with the latest information available within the school – not just a progress report from 6 weeks ago.


How Do I Register?

New Parent/Guardian Setup

Follow the instructions below if you're a new parent/guardian to Moulton School or have not yet registered:


1. Visit www.go4schools.com
2. Click the Parents button located in the top-right corner.
3. Click the First-Time User?
4. You must provide the same email address you have registered with the school for communications. Click New Password (Note: If Go 4 Schools displays an error about not having your email address on record, please contact the school.)
5. You will receive an email containing your login password from Go 4 Schools to the email address you provided.
6. At this point, you can sign in. Go 4 Schools will ask you to change your password on your first login.


Existing Parent/Guardian Setup 

Go 4 Schools will automatically add your child starting Moulton School to your existing account. You have the ability to switch between the children's accounts to see their associated data.



Go 4 Schools - Parent App Quick Start Guide

The GO 4 Schools Mobile App keeps you informed about any of your children who attend a school that subscribes to GO 4 Schools and ensures you can see how they are performing at school. 

The App currently allows you to: 

You will also receive a summary of new homework tasks for your child at the end of the school day.

For more information please visit the Go 4 Schools Mobile App - Quick Start Guide for Parents