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House System

The House System plays a key part in establishing and reinforcing the school’s ASPIRE ethos and our five key values. Every student at Moulton is assigned a house, made up of two form groups from each year split across both halves of the year. The reformed house system has seen a return to traditional house colours as well as an increased number of interhouse competitions. As a consequence this has created a greater identity as a house and students are proud to represent their house across a variety of activities. 


Respect, safety and positivity underpins everything we do,

With these three things, we can ensure, that we are winners through and through. 

We are kind and we cooperate with our peers, young and old, 

To help each other be the best, for our future yet untold.

The House system creates healthy competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.
Each House has the opportunity to win:
      • The House Cup, awarded three times a year at Christmas, Easter and Summer across a range of interhouse activities. 
      • The Sports Day Shield, awarded once a year in July, on Sports Day. 
      • The Charity Cup, awarded every half term to the most charitable house.
      • The Attendance Trophy, awarded every half term to the house with the best attendance.
Each House has a set of dedicated, House Leaders & House Captains. The House Leaders make up our senior prefect team in sixth form and work hard to make sure students at Moulton are given a variety of opportunities and rewards.
House Leaders:
Barnwell - Lara Dunning, Isabelle Campbell, Emilia Randall, Jack Upton, Jake Thomas
Hunsbury - Kelcie Bywater, Riana Bywater, Isabelle Sadler, Tom Glenn, Kyle Freegard
Ravensthorpe - Codie Mitchell, Emily Spicer, Emilia Town, Rohan Nainu, Chris Gwaringa
Stanwick - Robbie Austin, Caleb Thomas, Shreya Bagha, Baylie Pyke, Ella Stockham
The House Captains liaise with their house leaders and Mr Martin regarding upcoming house events and communicate this information with their house, as well as playing a key role in leading, organising and participating in house events. 
House Captains:
Barnwell - Thomas Portrey, Harrison Hammond, Gracie Green, Jasmine Cross, Jamie Fuller, Mubruka Kardamay, Alex Young, Rachel Bell, Marcus Brobbey, Finley Myles, Ruby Marris.
Hunsbury - Jamie Young, Adil Zaman, Viola Fernando, Emmanuella Darku, Luka Humphrey, Haydon Jones, Summer Maradzika, Isla McRae, Franklin Troth, Bethany Jelley, Denis Raciks, Paige Lutzi
Ravensthorpe - Rohan Bagha, James Bell, Summer Shelton, Tinashe Mumbure, Ryan Lok, Jacob Palmer, Emma Beckett, Alesia Wright, Emily Maddocks, Ali Razwan, Alfie Bennett, Megan Ashton
Stanwick - Wilson Wright, Tom Farebrother, Evie Randall, Elija Garsvaite, Josh Ford, Jake Evans, Grace Brown, Alyssa Munn, Tom Stanbridge, Delia Bobeica, Isobel Webb, Cian Shea



This Years Awards..

Sports Day Shield 2021 - TBC
Attendance Trophy 2021 - TBC
The Charity Cup 2021 - TBC