Clubs, Societies & Trips

As a school we want to offer Enrichment activities that:

  • Further extend or reinforce the Academic Curriculum within a subject.
  • Promote a lifelong love of learning or individual subjects.
  • Encourage the schools’ ASPIRE ethos.
  • Build the cultural capital that is required to be successful beyond school.
  • Completing charitable activities to benefit the local and national communities.
  • Deliver the Schools' personal development aims including: Building character including giving pupils confidence, resilience and self-worth. Promoting healthy life choices and being safe. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. British Values including equality and anti-discrimination. Employability and careers-based learning.

We do this through extra-curricular activities, super-curricular activities such as careers day, trips, visiting speakers and through school initiatives such as House competitions and School Leadership.

Clubs & Societies