Meet Our Lead Ambassadors


Hello, I’m Aakifa, and I’m one of the lead ambassadors. Since Year 7, I have been involved in the Student Leadership Team. I was also a prefect in Year 11. These roles have allowed me to attend open evenings and help out with various other events. Through this, I have grown and developed into the person I am today. This opportunity will allow me to voice not only my concerns but also those of other prefects. I am dedicated to driving positive change within our school community. I want to contribute to the overall improvement of our school, creating an environment that nurtures academic growth, personal development, and a sense of belonging for all students. I aim to create opportunities for students to explore and appreciate different cultural traditions, languages, and perspectives. I envision a school where students from all backgrounds feel safe, respected, and empowered. As a Lead Ambassador, I want to make a profound impact on the school community.

The transition to sixth form was a change, however, the staff and the school as a whole made this transition much easier and smoother, as this was quite a big jump from the main school.

One of my focuses with this role is cultural diversity and how we can improve and increase this within the school and the sixth form. I believe it's very important to be inclusive and learn about others in our school community. I envision a school where every student feels a sense of belonging and where cultural diversity is celebrated as a strength rather than a barrier. I am dedicated to empowering students to become global citizens who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. I want to create opportunities for students to explore and appreciate different cultural traditions, languages, and perspectives. Working towards improving the school and being able to resolve key issues, I look forward to working with the prefects, staff, and students to achieve this.



Hello, my name is John, and I am a Lead Ambassador at Moulton School. I am excited to see how the prefect team and I can pave the future for Moulton Sixth Form.

I have been a student at Moulton since Year 7 and have always taken part in Student Leadership roles, such as Peer Mentor, Prefect in Year 11, and Maths Mentor. At Moulton, the Student Leadership team plays a vital role in shaping the Moulton community and ensuring every student feels comfortable within their environment. The Student Leaders allow every student to have a voice, which presents endless opportunities as well as an increased frequency of sporting events and other forms of social activities. With this in mind, I am delighted to be at the helm of this, with the help of the other Lead Ambassadors, and I will be more than willing to take on board any ideas to improve the school environment.

Choosing Moulton was the right decision for me. I have been involved in sports, and Moulton has provided perfect opportunities for me and many others to fulfil our aspirations and reach our full potential, academically and athletically. Moulton places a great emphasis on sports and has amazing facilities and clubs for numerous sports. It has given me the experience of being a football captain as well as participating in the cricket team.

Drawing from my experience at the school, I aim to bring the school community closer together by organising charitable events that are interactive and promote integration between different year groups and friendship groups. In addition, I will be an ambassador for mental health and will strive to improve the support available within the school and the sixth form. I am working with the other Lead Ambassadors to designate a room for students to have a break to relax and destress. I will be working towards this and many other objectives to benefit the Sixth Form in as many ways as I can.


Hello, my name is Paige Lutzi, and I am thrilled to be one of Moulton’s Lead Ambassadors, with a focus on Moulton's wellbeing and support for mental health. I am incredibly proud of what we and the prefects have achieved so far and am looking forward to making further improvements to better the school.

I have been at Moulton School since Year Seven, using each year to explore new opportunities and give back to the Moulton community, which has consistently provided me with a positive environment to grow and become the person I am today. While in secondary school, I participated in many house events in the role of House Captain, and also mentored several students to help and support their wellbeing. As a prefect in Year 11, I assisted with the summer school for new Year Sevens and conducted tours for our open evenings, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

While in this role, the senior prefects and I have organised many events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, which raised money for the Human Appeal, and a Culture Morning around the sixth form block. We also continue to run our LGBTQIA+ club, which main school students attend each week. I am currently establishing a new wellbeing room and mental health notice board where students can access an unlimited amount of support provided here at Moulton. Additionally, I spend one session a week with our C-block team to assist with learning and wellbeing support for students. By using my experiences both inside and outside of Moulton, I aim to help create the most welcoming environment for all students and be a positive role model for accepting and offering support to those around you.

I look forward to implementing new ideas and encouraging positivity in both Secondary and Sixth Form while having the privilege of this role. I hope to achieve the goals and changes that students feel will benefit them and enhance their learning most.