Change of Details

The school needs to be made aware should your contact details change. The amount of manual input from you will depend on how many systems you have registered your details with. The vast majority of systems can be updated centrally by the school, however, there are some systems such as Go4Schools that require steps to be taken by you.

In the first instance, you need to email or call the school to inform of the change(s).


Phone: 01604 641600

You will need to re-register with Go4Schools using your new email address as the old email address will be deactivated within 48 hours of you informing the school.

For instructions on how to re-register, please click here and follow the steps under How Do I Register?

NOTE: Go4Schools will not allow you to register using your new email address until the schools systems are in sync. This may take up to 48 hours of you informing the school.

The school will inform SCOPay that your mobile number and/or email address has changed within 48 hours of you notifying the school. Communications home will use this new information.

You will need to login to your existing SCOPay account that you may use to make online payments such as trips and school dinners (login using your OLD email address). Unfortunately, the login email address is not linked to the communications email address so you will need to update that manually by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your SCOPay account using your old email address. You will need to use a browser, not the SCOPay Mobile App
  2. Click Your Info
  3. Click Login Details
  4. Change the email address to your new email.

If you have missed emails from the school, copies of most letters sent out to parents can be found here.