Life Skills

All students take part in Life Skills lessons which we call Preparation for Adulthood. The aim of these lessons is to prepare students for independent living. Students learn to cook simple meals, how to shop and live on a budget, how to care for themselves – mentally and physically - how to take care of a home, wash and iron clothes and pay bills.

Students will also complete modules in finance, safety and employability.

We believe that these skills can only be learnt effectively if they are applied to real life situations. We are therefore planning trips within the local area to put these skills into practice.

As well as looking after themselves, we believe that developing empathy and awareness of others is a vital life skill for our students. We therefore have some pets in The Bridge for the students to look after; Michelle and Sheldon are our tortoises, and we have several fish tanks. Bathing the tortoises is a popular activity and we can’t wait to start growing fruit and vegetables in our garden area which will be enjoyed by the tortoises as well as our staff and students!